6 Social media Apps for Your Business

6 Social media Apps for Your Business

Every brand needs an audience, but much more; every brand needs a way to communicate and get in front of their audience. 

One of the tools used by businesses to reach their audience and buyer personas is social media apps. In this post, we’ll be listing out the top social media applications for your business. 

You’ll also get to discover the social media app that works for your brand so you can zero in on a few and build authority by optimizing your efforts.

1.Instagram.com  (For The Younger Audience)

If your audience or buyer persona includes young and trendy persons who preferably purchase all their goods online, then Instagram is the best social app for your business. 

Instagram is one of the top social media apps with over one billion users. You can reach your target audience as long as you create content that connects with them and create campaigns to increase your followers. 

With Instagram, your business can use the app to share photos that connect with your buyer persona. You can also use the new stories features to interact closely with your audience while revealing to them your brand and values. 

2. Whatsapp (For Small Businesses & For Deeper Relationships And Connections)

Whatsapp is currently one of the most used social media apps across the globe. With over 1.6 billion users, you have a wide pool to reach your audience and get them to patronize and promote your brand. 

Unfortunately, this is an app that is usually ignored and underrated by most online businesses.

You want to use WhatsApp for your business if you would like a deeper relationship and connection with your audience. Whatsapp has greatly moved beyond its messaging feature and even created an app made specifically for business; Whatsapp Business. 

The app is created with small businesses in mind. Nonetheless, it can also be extensively utilized by large companies who would want to get closer to their audience. The open message rate on WhatsApp is greater than that of any other social media app. Using this to your advantage, you could use the app to provide customer support, give customers updates about your brand and develop personal relationships. 

The WhatsApp Business app is the social media app for the business that is seeking a personal touch. 

3.Facebook (For Access To A Wide Audience)

A lot of people like to believe that Facebook isn’t relevant anymore. However, this is very far from the truth. Facebook remains the most prominent social media app with over two billion monthly active users!

Irrespective of the kind of audience you are searching for, you’ll find them on Facebook. Statistics state that three out of every four Facebook users use the app at least once a day, so you can be confident that people still interact with the app and will interact with your business. 

Facebook also aids businesses by providing unique features made essentially for businesses. One of the main advantages of using Facebook comes with the paid ads. Thanks to a broad audience, you can be sure that your ads will get in front of the right person. 

If you want to increase your brand reach and present your brand to a broad and diverse audience, Facebook is the social media app for you.

4. YouTube (For A Video-centric Brand)

Sometimes the best way to communicate with your buyer’s persona is through video. Sometimes a blog post listing out steps won’t just do. If your brand focuses on using products or step-by-step guides, you might want to consider leveraging youtube for your business. 

YouTube is the largest and most popular video-sharing platform across the globe. With more than 1.8 billion users, the app presents a way for you to communicate with your audience via videos. 

And you are not just limited to posting videos either. You can equally share music and live stream events with your audience. 

5.Linkedin (For Professionals And The B2B Brand)

Linkedin is a major social media app that can be utilized by businesses that sell to other companies or career professionals.  With over 300 million monthly users, the social media app is the right place to place your brand before other professionals. 

Due to the formal nature of the brand, a B2B business will thrive. You can easily access several brands that will need your products and services. If you can market your brand rightly, LinkedIn could be a massive breakthrough for you and your B2B brand. 

6.Twitter (For The Ever Growing/Changing Brand)

If your business requires updating your audience on industry trends daily, Twitter is just the app for you. Brands that deal with news and sports will find the app invaluable. 

With its microblogging feature, Twitter presents a fast-paced environment where users are constantly searching for the newest trends and updates. 

With over 186 million users, you can build authority by supplying your audience with frequent updates in your industry. 


There are several other social media apps with a large number of active users. Like Tik Tok for the brand with a young trendy, video-focused audience or Quora for the customer-centric brand. 

However, these are the top six social apps for your business. Discover what works for your brand and leverage the app to reach your desired audience; build your authority and optimize your efforts 

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