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Best Equipment For YouTube (Beginners)

As you know, or you might have heard a million times and over, all you need to start posting videos on YouTube is a device you can use to record yourself with. Which in our current age would probably be your smartphone, all you need to begin is your phone. Along the way, as you grow and learn by the day, you begin to invest in gears/equipment that would help improve and add more quality to your content.
Some of the most important aspects you would need to look out for and improve in time are:
– Sound
– Video
– Lighting
YouTube gear kits might vary based on your budget or taste, but here are some suggestions based on a small level (budget) of investment:

Beginner YouTube Setup

Let’s assume you’re starting on a slimly tight budget. If you’re just starting on YouTube, I would strongly suggest that you just stick to recording with your phone. Although it might sound somehow limiting, you need to understand that some of the recently made phones have even (far) better cameras than some basic cameras devices.
Now that we’ve decided we’re going to be using our phones, the next thing we should then consider is our SOUND. Along the way, you might decide to invest in any other thing that might be needed as we proceed on your journey.


Lapel Microphone

A simple lapel microphone like this is very cheap and also very very helpful when it comes to shooting videos. It might look small but it really does help with the video sound. Always have it in mind that, your viewers can cope with a poor quality video, but when the sound is poor they drop out instantly.


While you’re using your phone to record your videos, you can also invest in some few other that might help with your video quality.

Phone Camera Lens

This is what I will call “small but MIGHTY”. The camera lens might look like some kind of child’s toy or so, but it does increase the quality of your videos to a certain limit.


Tripods are very crucial equipment when it comes to stability. When you’re just starting, you can always use things like a stack of books or maybe a window to balance your phone, but eventually the need for a tripod will escalate. When you use a pile books or the window to shoot your videos, the phone might not balance perfectly the way you want it to or might even slip and fall while you record. But with a tripod, you’re all set .

There are different types of tripods you can pick from, depending on what kind of video content you create.

The Tripod Stand

This kind of tripod is best suited for “talking head videos” or “still videos”, the kind of videos where the subject barely moves. It has a very good balance and lets your phone stay still (no shaking) as you record your video. It also provides you with options of tilting or panning your phone/camera as you record. And above all, it comes very cheap.

Mini Portable Tripods

Mini Tripod

This a mini (handheld) tripod, best for vlogging and any other on-the-go video recording. It can also serve as your mini selfie stick for pictures. There are a lot of different varieties and types of mini tripods. Some of them are literally equipped with the ability to convert to a selfie stick.


Lights are an essential part of recording a video. When you have enough light, your video quality improves far better.
When you are just starting, you can always make use of your windows around the house. Or maybe if you do vlogs, you’ll mostly be outside.
At any time when you feel like you want to upgrade to an even better light source, my suggestion would be to look for the light that fits accurately with your device.
For a mobile phone lights, there are suggestions like:

Selfie Ring Light

This is a mobile phone mini ring light that clips on to the phone, giving you full access to your phone camera and also provides an amazingly bright and dope experience to your videos.

The All-in-One Combo

When you are finally ready to up your game, 

Full Starter Combo Kit

And when you are finally ready to up your game, the all-in-one (full starter) combo kit would be the best fit for you to invest in. This is everything all at once, comprising of: 

– A smartphone video rig
– A mini shotgun microphone
– A mini LED studio light
– A mini (foldable) tripod stand

This full kit comprises of at least one of each of the items listed above. If you are ready to invest in everything all at once, then this is what you should go for.


Whenever you’re ready to upgrade your gears to the intermediate level, check out this list right here.

Disclaimer: I always love being plain and transparent with you, so just a quick notice. Each item has my Jumia affiliate link that would take you directly to the item page on Jumia. If any item that I suggest doesn’t fully befits you, you can always make use of the search bar or other suggestions presented at the bottom of the page on the Jumia site to find what best suits your need. cheers.


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