Step By Step Guide To Joining The Jumia KOL Programme

Several Nigerians have realized the opportunity available in making money via affiliate marketing. One of the programmes that you can join to make money through affiliate marketing is the Jumia KOL Programme. 

If you’ve heard about the Jumia KOL Programme or you are wondering how to be a part and increase your income through affiliate marketing via the Jumia Programme, you are in the right place. 

This step by step guide will tell you all you need to know about the Jumia KOL Programme and how to be a part of it. 

Firstly, The Jumia KOL Programme used to be known as the Jumia Affiliate Programme. Jumia made an update to the programme in December 2020 and renamed the programme. 

What Is The Jumia KOL Programme?

The Jumia KOL program is an affiliate programme provided by Jumia that allows content creators and individuals such as bloggers, vloggers and the likes to earn income through commission gotten from advertising Jumia products. 

Jumia changed the name of the programme from its original name (Jumia Affiliate Programme) to the Jumia KOL Programme. KOL in the new name simply means “Key Opinion Leader”.

What this means is that Jumia sees you as a Key Opinion Leader in your circle of influence and believes that using this influence you can be empowered to increase your income through the programme. 


If you would like to join the Jumia KOL Programme, follow the following steps. 

1. Open Three Different Tabs On Your Computer 

To be part of Jumia’s affiliate community, you will need to register a new account on the platform. 

In order to begin your registration, you will need to open three different sites on your desktop or personal computer. These three sites should be opened on three different tabs so you can easily switch between the three and have direct access to either of the three.  This can also be done on your mobile device. 

For the first tab, open the Jumia homepage. On the second tab, open the website of the Jumia KOL Programme and for the third tab, open the Bitly website. is a link shortening website. It helps you shorten your links and makes them look more presentable and pleasing to the eye. As we go along on the guide, you will see the need for the link shortening website. 

Also, because you might need to follow the guide as you proceed with your registration, I will advise you to equally place the site on a separate tab so I can walk you through the entire process and you can easily navigate between all four. 

2. Register on The Jumia KOL Programme

Once you have opened all three sites in three different tabs, the next step is to head towards the Jumia KOL registration page. Once you find the page, fill in your details such as your name, number, country and website. 

You are required to have a website in order to register for the programme. It is not optional. Nonetheless, if you do not own a website, you do not need to fear or worry. Simply copy and paste the link of your YouTube channel or any social media link you own into th text field. It could be the link to your Instagram or Facebook profile. Any personal link works. 

Once that is done,click on register. Jumia will send you a verification email almost instantly. You simply need to check your mailbox to find it. The email provides you have with your login details. 

3. Login

Once you’ve received your login details, the next step is to login and sign in. Once you login, you will be presented with your Jumia KOL dashboard. On the dashboard you will find three tabs on the far left side of your screen. These three tabs are the tabs you will be using in your affiliate marketing with Jumia. 

These three tabs are arranged in this order 

  • Advertising
  • Reports
  • Support

4. Familiarize Yourself With The Dashboard

Firstly, Click on the last tab. The tab is named the “support tab”. When you click on the tab, it reveals a drop down menu. Click in Commission models. Commission models show you how much you will be able to earn from each category of products that you decide to asvertise. Examples of these categories are appliances, automotives, beauty and perfumes, boys clothing etc. Each of these categories have a certain percentage you earn as commission each time Jumia makes a sale through your affiliate link. Go through the commission model for your country and see how much you stand to earn from your chosen category. 

It’s important to note that you only get a bonus when you reach a certain threshold.

Secondly, click on the reports tab. The reports tab equally provides you with a drop down menu. Click on conversion reports. Conversions is a way you can track your sales or affiliate link sales. It provides you with a basic list of your conversions. Your conversions are people that have bought products from Jumia using your link. The list shows you the amount they spent but it doesn’t reveal their identity to you. 

An example of how conversions relate to payments is this: If someone uses your affiliate link to buy a product worth N17,000, you might earn N1000 as commission for your chosen product. Once they’ve made payment for the product, that becomes a conversion. Once the payment is approved,Jumia ensures that you receive your commission(payment) in your bank account. 

Thirdly, move your attention to the last tab which is the first tab of all three; Advertising. Clicking on the tab provides you with a drop down menu that contains three options; offers and custom links. Under the advertising tab, you will find your affiliate links both for mobile apps and banners and also a link that enables you to promote Jumia products directly from the homepage. What you have to do is click the product of your choice from the jumia homepage, copy the link in the browser and paste the link in the Junia KOL URL page column. 

Once you have generated your links, this is where Bitly comes in. Go to the Bitly tab and open the website. Scroll down and you will find a text area with the instruction ” Shorten”. Copy and paste your Jumia KOL affiliate link into the text area. Bitly will in turn create a shortened link that is more attractive than your original affiliate link. That link will be what you shall use to advertise. 

5. Input Your Payment Information

This is a very crucial part of your registration. Inputting your payment information simply refers to adding the method you want to be paid with. This step is crucial because if you do not set up your payment information before you proceed with marketing, Jumia will be unable to pay you your commission. To set up your payment information simply click on your name -> profile info and Account details.

You can now proceed to fill in all the required information such as your company information, company address and postal code. You can find your state’s postal code here. You can also use your personal information as your company information.  Nigerians can only receive payment through a bank transfer method. So simply input your bank details, which include your bank name and number and your account number. 


If you followed through, then congrats you’ve successfully created an account with Jumia KOL programme. You can now begin advertising through your affiliate link and earning commissions. Try to take advantage of Jumia discounts and sales periods. 

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