The World of 5G

What is 5G Technology?

The 5G Technology can be referred to as the next generation (next-in-line to 4G/LTE) network, and it is said to (be able to) double the speed of the 4G network. Wow… For a fast-internet monster like me, I would say, I can’t wait to try the 5G network to see how fast it could possibly be.

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How Fast is 5G network?

The hype around 5G technology is growing at an exponential rate since it was first tested in the late months of 2019. 5G brings new aspects to the table. e.g For a 2GB file that takes 30-minutes on a 4G network to download, it might not spend more than 3-minutes on a 5G network. 5G is here to change the landscape of wireless communication, it has the potential to transform the whole Internet.

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Network Speeds

When it comes to mobile networks/speed, we always want to be able to do a lot on them and not wait around while we are doing it. Here are the list of top & average speeds for each generation of network.

GenerationTop SpeedAverage Speed
3G (HSPA+)42Mbps8 Mbps
Network speeds by generation

Note: This table represents top and average speeds of each network’s best version. Some reports claim that 5G has the potential to reach 20 Gbps, but right now, we have no idea of its maximum capacity.

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Yes, you will be able to access 5G network on your 4G/LTE smartphones, but also, we have begun to witness companies releasing their own 5G smartphone variants that might utilize this technology to the fullest. We hope it doesn’t take time before it gets to us, but anyway, let’s keep our expectations low for now and also hope for the best.

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